Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Exploring Floyd's fears and Pacquiao's pitfalls

Have you ever wanted something so bad in your life but it's not for sale?
Even if you have all the money in the world to buy it yet still, it can never be yours?

Well, better say GOODBYE to that dream instead.

To say that i'm frustrated is an understatement.
Fact is, i'm pissed.
For the past 3 years to be exact.
Just like anybody who dreams of the same thing.

Initially, it was the Olympic Style Drug Testing. Quite a commotion that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. stirred in the boxing scene. From blogs to boxing forums, from boxing experts to angry fans, from barber shops to smoky bars - Floyd cleverly concocted a wily diversion that tilted the pressure on the other side. At first, he sounded a bit reasonable, together with his back up vocals (Sr., Uncle and paid hacks), even though the things he was asking were nowhere written in any Athletic Boxing Commission's rules. What a way to divide the house and stimulate the minds of skeptics. In turn, Manny suddenly found himself in a tight spot to prove his innocence while his detractors were having a field day burning the internet pages with their insubstantial verdicts. Trial by publicity, guilty by suspicion.

To cut to the chase, the dream was shelved temporarily. So we thought even if the damage has been done.

After agreeing to almost everything that Floyd originally demanded, Manny was confronted with another ridiculous condition. 40 million dollars guarantee without PPV share. Can you believe that?! For a moment, i thought it was Don Corleone, not Floyd, making an offer that couldn't be refused. But it was Floyd, thinking he was already in total command after Manny relented to blood testing, and Manny did the right thing, as any sane man would do, to refuse a stupid offer. Such a ludicrous way to price himself out by making it appear it was the other camp unwilling to accept fair terms. Boxing fans, at that point, were already adept at sniffing bluffs and smokescreens. Arum wasn't enthusiastic about the fight either after that controversial win over Marquez. He probably wanted to milk Manny some more and rebuild him a little bit with another in-house promotion. Top Rank honcho's weak excuses, small venue, improbable May date and no promoter to guarantee Floyd's purse, didn't stay long in the barbeque grill because everything was altogether swept aside when Floyd "incriminated" himself in that fateful interview with Bob Costas.

"Why am I going to give a guy 50-50? I am not only the highest paid fighter in boxing, but I’m also the highest paid athlete."

" I’m not giving up the split…I have been breaking records…With or without Pacquiao, I am okay. I have to be happy. I have to be comfortable.If you’re insinuating I’m a scared fighter, then why do you want to watch this scared fighter? Can’t no fighter beat Floyd Mayweather. He [Pacquiao] had a chance to step up to the plate.”

“I come first. Self preservation. I gotta worry about my family. If the fight do not happen, so be it."

How many times does a man have to shoot his own foot before he starts feeling the pain?

Fear is among the easiest words to define. You can sugarcoat it, deny it and you can even make it sound like a courageous option to stay out of trouble. But in boxing, constantly avoiding to fight someone with a barrage of arrogant excuses will never be construed as a courageous option. Fear, in the eyes of Floyd and his spoken words, is as clear as any writing on the wall. I couldn't think of a better reason to blame as to what's killing our dream. Greed? If the financial term offered by Floyd had been fair and Manny was happy with it - I could see an unhappy Bob Arum pressing the green button sooner or later if his prized ward would twist his arm so hard to make it happen.

Manny Pacquaio: Is Bob Arum protecting him?

Can we all agree that Arum has matched Manny not ONLY WITH MONEY in mind but ALSO STYLE WISE?

Please list any boxer Manny has fought since Erik Morales I (besides Marquez) that is known to have solid defense with the ability to be mobile (I'm not talking speed.... just someone who isn't a flat-footed zombie) .

Look at all the media now.... It says Manny's being sheltered and has been for some time. Its not something I like to hear or see but as a fan, I've got to be honest, there are fighters, who, not necessarily being a huge draw, that from a style perspective, could have given Manny lots of trouble compared to who he's been matched up with in the last 2 years. Seriously, this gravy train Manny has had is a gift. Even Jim Lampley has said that he's never seen SUCH A LONG WINNING STREAK for quite some time.

Arum is an old guy, he's a Harvard graduate. He knows boxing. He understands patterns. He knows who can give Manny problems.


The minute a fighter can risk actuallly tarnishing Manny's luster, ARUM WILL ARGUE THE "CAN'T DRAW FLIES" angle.

That's all Arum has to do to leapfrog Manny over potentially tough fights: " CAN'T DRAW FLIES." It's a clever ploy. Another ANGLE is saying Manny has only one or two fights left so he's needs to fight fighters who are established draws.... (Like Clottey  )

That's a crap argument because for the last 2-3 years, Arum keeps changing his time frame "This may be Manny's last two fights.... or the opposite "Manny can fight for another 3 years before retiring into politics..." Arum changes his colors to benefit Top Rank. He's trying to DE-VALUE Mayweather Jr's status because he knows should they fight, chances are HUGE, that Mayweather Jr. can shut down Manny. EVEN IF MAYWEATHER JR. IS SCARED, THAT DON'T MEAN HE CAN'T WIN. Mike Tyson was scared as an amatuer, but destroyed everyone.

As a result, Manny steamrolls over heavier, taller, defensively negligent, older, less-mobile fighters.

Even though I'm branded a hater, a whole bus load of journalists AND EVEN PROFESSIONAL BOXERS have mentioned it. The only ones who disagree are extreme loyalists who care not about boxing, but preserving Manny's role in their lives as savior.
Of course, the EXTREME FANS use the RACE CARD ......"The American Journalists hate Filipino's....." angle.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So what does Marquez need to do best to erase the doubts?

a) Bravely take a dive, no more bs, agree to VADA testings.
 b) No more alibis, no chickening out, take the 5th fight with Pac.
 c) Dispatched the culprit, fire Angel Memo Heredia, can he do it that way?

  Pacquiao was also suspected of taking peds when he was tearing the welterweight division apart. A midget lightweight boxer, who just jumped two weight classes to beat Oscar, would go on to knock out a natural light welterweight who was undefeated in that division and defeat bigger welterweights in succession. When Floyd Sr accused Pac of juicing, you said NSAC testing is enough. But you all sound different when it's Marquez on the line. Because he was associated with Memo despite passing the same official NSAC tests. Pacquiao won 3 more belts beyond lightweight division to cap his record 8 division titles. That is more suspicious than a hardworking counter puncher training his butt off when Manny was still campaigning for his wife and brother in Gen San.

Samsung Galaxy Note III to have 3GB of RAM

The Samsung Galaxy Note had 1GB RAM, the Galaxy Note II had 2GB RAM and the Galaxy Note III will have... 3GB RAM. That's what Korean publication Hankyung claims anyway. So far from leaks we've seen that the Note III will pack either a Snapdragon 800 chipset or an Exynos 5 Octa (pretty much the same options as the Galaxy S4 uses, now that the LTE-A version is official). However, the publication mentions LTE Advanced, which points to the Qualcomm chipset, at least in some regions. As for RAM supplier, Samsung, LG and SK Hynix have been mentioned. Samsung is already manufacturing 4GB LPDDR3 RAM based on a 20nm process, SK Hynix also demoed such RAM chips. Other Note III specs we've gleaned from leaks include a 5.7" or 6" Super AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution and a 13MP camera. In terms of looks it's set to be a Galaxy S4 lookalike. Meanwhile, SamMobile reports that the Galaxy Note III will be 8mm thick and weigh 183g. That's a little thinner than the Note II and about the same weight (not impossible, considering the bigger Mega 6.3 is just 15g heavier).

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

iPhone 5S/6

Phone 5S rumored to feature 2MP front camera, dual-shot support

The much anticipated next gen Apple iPhone (be it 5S or 6) continues to make the rounds in the rumor mill. According to the latest gossip it will feature an improved 2 megapixel front-facing camera.

The report comes from iOSDoc and says the next iPhone will come out with iOS 7 on board and the smartphone will have the ability to record full HD videos (shocker, right?). Furthermore, the latest version of iOS, which is yet to be announced, will have a new feature called dual-shot, which is quite similar to the dual-camera mode on the LG Optimus G Pro and Samsung Galaxy S4.
The dual-shot feature allows you to capture images and videos with both front facing camera as well as the rear camera at the same time. The feature is still in its beta testing phase and is expected to be integrated into the final iOS 7 version as soon as the testing is completed.
Unfortunately, the dual-shot feature will be made exclusive for iPhone 5S and will not be available on any older iPhones.

Nonito vs Jhonny Gonzalez

It will be a great comeback/redemption fight for Nonito. I think Donaire's check hook is far more superior than the one that Gonzalez used to upset over-rated Mares

I'm not sure who Gonzalez' promoter is, I just think it's the most logical fight for Donaire coming off that loss from Rigondeaux. But, ya' it would be great for everyone if he's not being promoted by GB. I know uncle Bob will be pleased.

I'm curious to know, what makes you think Gonzalez was juicing?

Most boxing fans thought Mares would be too much for Donaire, but that upsetting left hook by Gonzalez proved otherwise I thought. Nobody saw that upset coming. Just goes to show you no fighter is "unbeatable". But, I agree, I think Nonito has far better and superior skills than Gonzalez

     Nonito has the faster left hook than Gonzales.If Mares will fight Nonito,he'll be ko'd faster in Rd.1,
But against Gonzales,i'm not sure if that punch is applicable.I mean i'm not sure of JG's chin durability.
Nonito is not fond of body attacks which he could have applied against that turtle Narvaez.
And i'm thinking,can Nonito withstand that devastating own left hook of Gonzales?
BTW,it will be a good fight & as a Filipino,i'll go with Nonito win or lose.
It's no Japanese time to wear that "bayong" & be a traitor to my own country man.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Marquez: I will walk away with memory of Pacquaio KO

JMM can cherish his win for the rest of his life can tell a story to his grandchildren
for generations to come. I think he earned that punch regardless what others would think of it. Floyd could have said it if he fought with Manny and win. "I beat the sh*t out of Manny Pacquiao." We are on the wrong forum though.

   Manny has said that he is OK in not fighting marquez again: "kung ayaw nya, ayaw ko rin".
So if pac and marquez are OK in not meeting in the ring again, then as boxing fans, we should be OK as well and just cherish the classic fights they brought us. The result of the 4th fight didnt mean that one of them is greater than the other. The 4th fight concluded that both are greats

Duran at 62, to fight in September 2013, what a rare breed!!

WOW, I'm really amazed with this boxing legend -Roberto Duran!

No sarcasm, he doesn't have a ped guru like Angel "Memo" Heredia (and maybe he couldn't even afford to have one)... whatta genes he got, what his secret? what fountain of youth he's taking? I mean words are not enough to express. At that age, considering today's environment, some granpa can hardly walk and gets a lot of different sickness and all that. Very inspiring, I still remember the news about his car accident, imagine Duran was knocked out and suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung and a broken finger... and here he is, at age 62, making a fight with former WBA world champion Jorge "Locomotora" Castro (130-11-3, 90 KOS) of Argentina, age 45.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Does JMM's Discord on VADA/USADA Proves That He's A Cheat?

All of a sudden every one has become concern about the impact of PED in the sporting business... Strict anti-doping campaign should have been implemented many many moons ago. And the result of these strict anti-doping procedures should be made immediately transparent and available to the common public. It always should have been a no "tests" (with an "s") no fight rule.

It is Bob Arum who's insisting about the WADA. Same as when Pacquiao was being accused by the Mayweathers and during the first Pac vs Mayweather negotiations.

Arum: Pac is scared of needles (what about those tattoos? duh)
Roach: We will fight in Nevada so Nevada State Commission should be in charge with the testing
Mayweather team: We want at least 7 days cut-off date. Testing 7 days before the fight
Pacquiao team: We want the cut-off date of 14 days. Pac vs Mayweather failed to happen.

If you are not hiding anything, take the test. Before the 4th fight, Marquez team agreed with the random blood testing,team Pac never agreed for random blood testing.

Is Mayweather really unbeatable?

I don't think so...years ago, I thought Manny pacquiao can beat him in his prime. Let me see PacMan's performance with Rios then I can say if my belief still hold - That PacMan can beat Mayweather. but Pacquiao beating Rios is not really a gauge to be able to know if he could beat Mayweather. Because Rios and Mayweather are completely different in terms of fighting style. I believe that if Pac and Mayweather would fight each other, Pac would really have a hard time beating Mayweather not because he is unbeatable but I think because of his style of fighting. Mayweather doesn't fight toe to toe so Pac will really have a hard time fighting the chicken sticking, hugging and moving then winning on points. Pac will die of leg cramps and discouragement of not being able to punch due to too much hugging.

Yes understand..but if Pacman can beat Rios decisively then it means he still got something that he can bring to the table. Also if you notice, mayweather has slowed a bit although still agile and very good defensively.

There is still a fighter's chance for Pacman to pull a win if, and only if, Mayweather will agree to a bout...which I think will never happen.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Arum want Tim bradley to lose?

     Sick of the whining from Bradley's camp. I understand they want Olympic style drug testing for both Bradley and Marquez which is the right thing to do but they've had a plethora of excuses even before the Pacquiao fight. First they complained about the fans giving him crap for the controversial decision, then how he doesn't get paid enough, how they can't get a big fight, and now that they got the fight they wanted they still found something to complain about. Bradley and his trainer are the biggest whiners in boxing today.
 I'm siding with BRADLEY on this one. All he's asking is that JMM PROVE that his newly found phyisque and power is real and if he did DOPE against PACQUIAO then at least VADA will keep him honest or catch him cheating that's called being SMART not WHining and I too think that SCUMBAG ARUM has ulterior motives to let JMM slip by and not be thoroughly tested.

     Whenever Marquez is!Whatever Marquez!In my opinion...Bradley just wanted a fair fight and This has nothing to do with top rank. its about Marquez in the 1st place. Bob is just a businessman who wanted to continue the fight no matter what!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Miami HEAT have signed Greg Oden.

Photo: OFFICIAL: The Miami HEAT have signed Greg Oden.

“After many months of discussion, evaluations and speaking with Greg, we felt it was the perfect time for him to make his comeback and re-enter the NBA with the Miami HEAT,” said HEAT President Pat Riley. “It’s a great challenge for him. We know all about his past injuries, but we feel that there is a huge upside and the possibility of him helping us. We will continue his program and then we will tackle basketball issues after that.”

“I am very excited and happy to be here,” said Oden. “I’m thankful to the Miami HEAT organization for bringing me in and I’m ready to get to work.”

“After many months of discussion, evaluations and speaking with Greg, we felt it was the perfect time for him to make his comeback and re-enter the NBA with the Miami HEAT,” said HEAT President Pat Riley. “It’s a great challenge for him. We know all about his past injuries, but we feel that there is a huge upside and the possibility of him helping us. We will continue his program and then we will tackle basketball issues after that.”

“I am very excited and happy to be here,” said Oden. “I’m thankful to the Miami HEAT organization for bringing me in and I’m ready to get to work.”

Salvador Sanchez Anniversary


   RIP Sal. He should have never answered that bootie call from his girl friend.
He drove off late to see his girl friend while training for the Laporte rematch iirc.
Sal had the best stamina and recuperating power I've ever seen in a boxer.
His chin was granite. He was knocked down once at the Forum and got a gift draw but, he became greater after that fight. The same year he died, Tony Ayala was sent to prison iirc. I watched Sanchez's fights on tv and seen him grow in the sports. Truly great fighter. No one in today's fighters in his weight class would beat him. I agree with this....Salvador Sanchez had the makings of BECOMING the greatest Mexican fighter ever, but his untimely death made it all moot. IMO, the greatest of them all is Ricardo El Finito Lopez....too bad he was such a little guy that he never got the exposure that JCC Sr, MAB, EM, JMM, and the rest of the great Mexican fighters got....